Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Everybody!

I have finally finished Katzenstein’s, and am ready to leave Marleybone. But there’s still the counterweights and Big Ben. My brother, to be honest, did most of the work in Katzenstein’s, and it isn’t seeming like he’ll lend me a hand in the rest of MB. I’m just hoping that at level 32 I can pretty much solo the counterweights and maybe get help on Big Ben.

The Krin’s Hoard Pack is looking to be a good one. I want the Fu Dog even more than I want the Krin mount. They are the coolest looking pets I’ve ever seen KI come out with!

Twizards- my Wizard101 micro-blogging platform

Twizards is pretty much a customized version of Twitter. It’s completely focused on W101. Join, tell your friends, followers, and stalkers and have some fun!

There really hasn’t been much going on for me in-game, as I’ve had way too much homework the past few weeks and for our final test we are doing a project almost completely outside of class that is of course a test grade. Don’t you just love exam-time!?

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame


Sunken City and the Ironworks

I FINALLY finished Sunken City the other day with some help from my brother, Alex Moon. I think that level 31 might be a little late to do Sunken City for the first time, but whatever. I still have the Ironworks to do, however, and they seem tough. I already tried and because my healing spell fizzled I died on the first boss. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish the Ironworks soon! I’m sure I can get my friend Cody to come with me, but lately I haven’t had as much time to play as I have in the past.

I’ve been saving my gold for a permanent  mount, which along with my laziness and procrastination is why I’m still in my level 20 clothes at level 31.  After I get my mount, a dragon, I’m going to FINALLY get my Marleybone manor, the large Marleybone home. I love that house SO much. Ever since I first saw that house, I wanted one. Speaking of housing, my house has really not been doing the best now with my little amount of time I have to dedicate to it. I’m just going to kind of leave things the way they are until ‘the move’.

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame

Goodbye Wysteria and Krokatopia, hello Marleybone!

Happy New Year’s!

I just completed Wysteria and Krokatopia the other day, earning me about 4 spells. They were Helping Hands, Judgement (yay!), Hex, and well maybe there were 3. Or I forgot the fourth. I’m off to Marleybone, and am halfway finished with the second area. Hyde Park was easier then I thought! I’m sorry, but I don’t have any screenshots to share this time around, but I will show you some more soon. I can’t believe that I was stuck in KT for such a long time, I was only on The Vault of Ice before I got this sub. I’m planning on saving up for a dragon (permanent) mount, and after that I’ll be sure to get my Marleybone Manor before my sub ends!

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame

Weekly Housing Tip #3

I have really neglected this blog, and have lots of housing tips I have to make up for. Well; I guess I’ll just combine two of them into this post.

Okay, now for tip #1. I am really lazy right now; so I’ll bring back a tip found in one of my older posts: The Floating Rug Glitch!

Now let’s begin.

Supplies List:

1 Maple Bookcase

1 Red/Black Checker

1 Rug of your choice to float (not all of the rugs will do; one I have proven will not work is the stitched rug. Don’t try this at home.)

How to do it:

Set your rug down. Set your Maple Bookcase down, making sure that it is not on top of the rug and you can not move the maple bookcase with the rug. Put the checker on the bottom, 2nd, or 3rd shelf. Move the checker onto the rug. The bookcase should come with it. If not, try to repeat this step. Note- If anything in this doesn’t work, it could be either the rug isn’t the kind you can use, or you just did something wrong. All you have to do is try over again. Anyways, assuming you have gotten this far, you set the checker down. You move THE BOOKCASE, NOT the checker or rug. You move it over to where you are going to float the rug, making sure that the rug is EXACTLY where you want it before you finish, unless you want to start over. After this you pick up the checker, and there you go! You should have a floating rug. There are many things you can do with this glitch, and you can even break out through the walls and ceiling of the place you float them in. It works in dorms, as well. Comment if you are having trouble.

Now for tip #2-

Simple Christmas Trees

This is going to be a GLITCH, witch will merely be an extension and application of the floating rug glitch towards making Christmas trees.

Supplies list:

1 Maple  Bookcase

1 Red/black checker

1 Small metal platform (what I used, there’s other options)

1 Long blue runner

1 Medium evergreen tree (recommended)

1 Item for the topper

How to do it:

In a big room, get out your medium evergreen tree,  set down your small metal platform and get out your maple bookcase. Put your checker on the 3rd shelf of the maple bookcase. Move the checker on top of the platform. The bookcase should follow. Move the bookcase so that the platform floats and is somewhat close to the tree; it can’t touch; but it can’t be a mile away. Then pick up the checker. The checker and bookcase should be gone, but the platform should remain. After that, go down onto the ground and put out your long blue runner away from the existing setup. set your desired topper as close to the short side (example- [] <-The top is the short side) as possible without it touching. Then repeat the first part only using the long blue runner. Set it on top of the existing setup. The bookcase and checker do not need to be removed, and I suggest you don’t until you’re done. If the topper didn’t come with the long blue runner, it wasn’t close enough and you’ll have to repeat the second part until the topper comes. Then, adjust the location of the item by moving the maple bookcase on top of the small metal platform. When you’re happy, remove the small metal platform and your tree should have a topper. If not, the topper was too close to the long blue runner. If you are going to use this to put ornaments on;  I recommend working from the top and down.

I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they have helped you.

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame

Greetings From Celestia!

I have finally gotten my sub! To kick things off, I went and helped my brother, Alex Moon, do the final boss in Celestia’s Trial of the Spheres. We almost did the bosses ourselves but then Cody Emeraldsword came over to help us out. It truly was a good start to my new sub.

046da - Click for Next Image...

I then headed to KT where I finished the Vault of Ice. I decided to skip the Emperor’s Retreat for the time being and I was whisked off to Wysteria. It’s not a terrible world so far; I love this style (buildings and architecture) but the plotline is really jumpy. It goes:

  1. Contest
  2. Ravenwood is bad
  3. Meet the Professors and get introduced
  4. Ravenwood is bad & How things really are
  5. Trouble on another street
  6. Goblins- help!
  7. Gardening/plants
  8. Pegasi

And that’s just taking me to the middle of the very first street! I really do wish that KI doesn’t have any other worlds/areas with plotlines as jumpy as this one is. I’ll have more for tomorrow (hopefully).

My brother just started Zafaria and it’s not what I imagined it would be by looking at the screenshots. It’s been a lot of African savanna so far. The water looks really pretty, however, with how KI did the lighting.


Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame



I have been working a while on a project called Twizards. Am I done? No. I still have a few things to tweak and perfect, but I’m coming close. Twizards is exactly as the slogan states; “The Wizard101 Twitter Service.” It is a personalized version of Twitter so that when you share Wizard101 updates, you share them with a community of people who want to read what you’ve been doing. It might be a little buggy, but nothing should affect the general scheme of things. Below is a list of a few current features:

PM System

Points System

->Rank System (Grandmaster Scale, based on points)


Status update, blog post, quote and link post types

View a single user’s stream


User Dashboard

There’s a lot more features, but those are the main ones. If you want to get the word out about Twizards to other people, simply copy and paste the following code into your blog or website:

<div style=”display: block; text-align: left;”><a target=”” href=”http://twizards.tk/&#8221; imageanchor=”1″><img src=”http://questwiki.wikinet.org/w/images/questwiki/uploads/d/d2/Twizards_widget.png&#8221; border=”0″></a></div>

If you have any questions or comments or bugs to report, either comment on this post or email me at garrettemeraldflame@yahoo.com and I’ll try and respond as quick as I can.

The link to the website if you don’t feel like scrolling down and clicking on the badge is here: Twizards

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame

I have got to stop doing that!

I am so sorry I haven’t posted in like forever. There just hasn’t been much going on in game and to much going on out of it. There IS something going on now, though- The Twelve Days of Wizard! KI is going to have there be special things going on in game and out of game for 12 days, though not counting down to Christmas. Though there are many people who don’t celebrate Christmas, KI should still actually be reffering to their holiday festivites as Christmas stuff, not as the 12 Days of Wizard and Yuletide Festival. We all know that Christmas is why they do this anyway. If I go any longer with this I am going to get horribly off-topic so I’ll just end this part now.

The only things in game I’ve been doing really are PVPing with Cody Emeraldsword, doing my house, buying things for my house from the Bazaar, and trying to get the final rank of undead slayery person badge. I’ve only got about 400 more undead to go!

Anyways, see you in the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame


Just posting to let you know… that Zafaria is out! Thankfuly, KI decieded not to drag out the wait like with Celestia. If you have anything you want to share with me on how Zafaria is;  just email garrettemeraldflame@yahoo.com and I MAY put it on here. I have nothing to really report on with Zafaria as I haven’t even been able to get out of Wizard City in about a year now. Don’t worry, the holidays are right around the corner! The perfect time to subscribe, and then I’ll actually have stuff to blog about. Yay!

Sorry about not having the Weelky Housing Tip released the past few weeks; I’ve been getting really lazy with that.

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame

Free Shield of Valor Housing Item & Zafaria

Sheesh, it’s been eons since my last post! There hasn’t been much going on in the Spiral… exept for Zafaria! Zafaria is a new world that KI is planning on releasing soon. It is currently in the Test Realm; and it is sounding like the next Celestia. Of course Zafaria WAS Morganthe’s home… Anyways I’m going to just put in a few quick images and an opinion from Cody Emeraldsword; my best in-game friend, about Zafaria.

Zafaria is turning out to be pretty ok, the best part is the spells.

 -Cody Emeraldsword

(I edited for the grammar)  I haven’t seen much of Zafaria other than these images; so there isn’t much for me to tell you. All I can say is it’s turning out to be a good world so far. The two-person mount supposedly coming with the new mega bundle card is also looking very cool and you can tell it was meant to go with Zafaria.

Also, KI is giving out a free Shield of Valor for those who come onto the updater and click on the link at the top (and of course log in and redeem the code) and it’s looking pretty good. I didn’t take the pic that I’m showing; I don’t have the time to go in and do that now. The shield of Valor is on the right; the Statue of Valor (I think that’s what it’s called) is on the left. It was the item givven out last year in honor of Veteran’s Day.

Sorry for not posting!

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame


Free Fire Elf Pet

Have you ever wanted a Fire Elf pet? KingsIsle is giving them away free if you voted for Wizard101 on the GDC Online Awards. If you voted then you should have received an email pointing you towards a page that you can redeem a code from. This code can be redeemed only one time per account, however. It’s called the Yellow Elf and it gives a fairly decent card for lower levels.

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame