Happy Saint Valentine’s Day Everybody!

I have finally finished Katzenstein’s, and am ready to leave Marleybone. But there’s still the counterweights and Big Ben. My brother, to be honest, did most of the work in Katzenstein’s, and it isn’t seeming like he’ll lend me a hand in the rest of MB. I’m just hoping that at level 32 I can pretty much solo the counterweights and maybe get help on Big Ben.

The Krin’s Hoard Pack is looking to be a good one. I want the Fu Dog even more than I want the Krin mount. They are the coolest looking pets I’ve ever seen KI come out with!

Twizards- my Wizard101 micro-blogging platform

Twizards is pretty much a customized version of Twitter. It’s completely focused on W101. Join, tell your friends, followers, and stalkers and have some fun!

There really hasn’t been much going on for me in-game, as I’ve had way too much homework the past few weeks and for our final test we are doing a project almost completely outside of class that is of course a test grade. Don’t you just love exam-time!?

Anyways, see you around the Spiral!

-Garrett Emeraldflame


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